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Sports Fans Turn On Uncle Joe

For the second straight week, chants of “f*ck Joe Biden” erupted at sports stadiums across the country and numerous photos emerged of children wearing MAGA hats trolling the president.

The trend has especially gone viral in college football, which is shocking, since most students are snarky liberals. Just goes to show you how the supposed “most popular president in history” is such a fraud. Here’s Mr. Obvious with the story.

Kids Troll Mr. Potato Head

Kids wearing Maga gear troll Joe Biden as he goes to Shanksville, Pa., to take part in a 9-11 memorial ceremony. The demented Biden will get no rest! More from The Salty Cracker.

How The Left Thrives On Hate

How the Left thrives on hate…And wants to silence us. That’s the name of a new book by Donald Trump Jr. , which went on sale Tuesday, Nov. 5. Here, Meme the Left reads verbatim from a passage of the book.

What gets the Leftists riled up the most? When blacks support the presidency of Donald Trump and finally pin down the Democratic Liberals as the abject racists they are — politicians who have long exploited and ruled over the black community without providing them a lift up from poverty. Here, we see the Liberal legacy as explained by Kanye West in his MAGA hat as well as by Candace Owens. More from Ovation Eddie in a classic video.


YouTube Bans Don Shipley

YouTube has banned Don Shipley, who exposed the fraudulence of Nathan Philips. It was Shipley who let us know that Native American Nathan Philips was a liar when he implied he had served in the Vietnam War. Phillips, of course, is the Leftist douchebag who promulgated the big, lying mass media campaign against the boys from Covington, Kentucky.

All along, Phillips maintained the boys had surrounded him and chanted anti-Indian slogans, but the fact is he crossed a street and drummed in the face of a boy wearing a MAGA hat. The mainstream media who all embraced Phillips’ false charges are now recanting and withdrawing those statements because they are facing multi-million dollar defamation lawsuits from the Covington kids.

Why should YouTube be banning Shipley, rather than Phillips? These social media platforms are all bought and sold Leftists. Not a one of them provides a fair platform for conservatives, Christians or Libertarians. So rather than Philips being punished for lying, the media blackballs the patriot who exposed this bastard.

Here, Douglas M. Ducote Sr. addresses this bizarre censorship: How the freedom of speech granted by the First Amendment has been stripped from Don Shipley United States Navy SEAL (Ret.) Shipley should join the Covington kids and file multimillion dollar suits against these censors, starting with YouTube.

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Hat Crimes

Is it because the hats are red? Or because the media is rude, Leftist and loathsome? The Truth Factory explains why the media is vilifying the MAGA hat.

Yes, it’s The Hat by the Cat. Purr-fect!

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Sinister Origins of Valentine’s

Americans are spending billions of dollars for Valentine’s Day, buying flowers, cards, chocolates and gifts for their sweethearts and loved ones.  But what most folks don’t realize is that Valentine’s Day has its origins in some deep and dark places — ancient lands where pagan religions were celebrated. Here’s the true holiday lineage.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Our original video disappeared off YouTube, so we have substituted another video exploring similar themes, from CamelotDaily, on Bitchute.)

Will Witt wears a MAGA hat to the University of California at Irvine to see if he can score a Valentine’s date. More from PragerU.

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Leftists Face Covington Lawsuit

Leftist media and celebrities face massive Covington Catholic High School lawsuit. The lawyers representing Nick Sandmann have sent over 50 letters as the first step in libel and defamation cases in the MAGA hat / MAGA Teen incident in Washington DC.

Many leftist and far left personalities produced false statements or encouraged people to harass the Covington Catholic High school students following their incident with Nathan Phillips, the Native American who lied about what happened in DC. These individuals can expect letters as well as major news outlets.

The media uncritically parroted activist rhetoric and falsehoods and will now face the repercussions of publishing fake news.

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Styxhexenhammer666 calls it “the great reckoning.”  Half of the legacy media will be sued by Nick Sandmann.  In other words, the media will be forced to defend their destructive behavior.

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The Power to Persuade

Want to convince a close friend of yours to vote Republican in the midterm elections? Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoons, gives you some tips on how to properly use the powers of persuasion to boost GOP turnout.

Here, he also talks about Kanye West being bullied backstage at the Saturday Night Live broadcast for wearing the MAGA hat West personally designed. In addition, Adams ponders the question, “Would you defend yourself in an angry way, if falsely accused?” It’s part of a round of questions growing out of the Kavanaugh hearings.

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Blaire’s Rude Reception

What happens if you wear a Trump cap in a very liberal area? Blaire White tests that out by wearing a Make America Great Again cap in Hollywood.

The gay area was fine, everyone was nice and we were pleasantly surprised. It was once we went to the Walk of Fame and saw protesters that things hit the fan. Yet and still, we stayed true to the experiment and didn’t do anything rude. We just wanted to see the reaction to the hats. If you need proof that liberals are a bunch of scuzzy Fascists, watch and learn.

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