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Mugshot Herd Round The World

Trump shocked the world with a surprise post on X after his arrest and release from Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia. While en route to New Jersey, Trump called into Greg Kelly’s show to explain what happened. We check in with Jonathan Turley and Georgia State Senator Colton Moore.

The Left’s attempt to deflate the MAGA Movement backfires big time. Biden and the media gloat, spreading the Trump mugshot far and wide. Much to their dismay, however, Extreme MAGA adopted the mugshot and made it their own.

GOP Presidential contenders react to Trump’s arrest and we check in with Vivek and Ron DeSantis, who share very different perspectives on Trump and a possible Trump conviction. Other congressional leaders weigh in, including Sen. Ted Cruz, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Byron Donalds.

A new Congressional report reveals President Biden lied at least 16 times when discussing his business affairs. Rep. Nancy Mace estimates the Biden Crime family earned more than $50 million in illicit funds and we review the chronicle of lies. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

“Free Trump” chant the crowds that line the streets as Donald Trump is driven through a black neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. The corrupt Fani Willis and her Democratic allies and instigators have unleashed the kind of political backlash this country rarely sees. The rotten FBI and CIA will have to go into hyperdrive to cheat enough to give the Democrats anything close to a win in 2024.

The Ball’s In The Patriots’ Court

The patriots are now putting on a show of all shows. The [Deep State] players have been stripped of their roles and the people can see their true agenda. They can see how they don’t follow the rule of law, how they don’t care about the Constitution. They see the two-tiered justice system.

Trump confirms that he is exposing it all. He is showing the corruption and is showing what the [Deep State] system really is. Patriots have had the ball the entire time. More from the X22 Report.

Hawaii, Iowa, tarmac comms! We are winning the information war!

Make the connection. Where are the autists? Pray! More from And We Know.

The Journey To 5D!

Trump has only been to DC 17 times! Weirdness at the Iowa State Fair! They are trying to usher in the AntiChrist! Self-Transformation! The False Self! The Journey to 5D! The killing of the ego! Democrat Derangement Syndrome! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Pennsylvania Rally Decode!

McAllister TV offers a decode of former President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The Border has turned into “Silence of the Lambs” stuff. Trump will stop World War III!  Joe Biden stands as the most corrupt Potus in American history! I almost think it’s not Biden! They have broken the veil! De Sanctimonious is a loser puppet! Ron is gone!

Were dinosaurs a cover for Reptilians? We have a dumb son of a bitch for a President!” Here’s the full McAllister TV report.

‘Superseding’ Trump Indictment

Special Counsel Jack Smith files a superseding indictment in the Trump classified documents case. We review the old and the new indictment side-by-side and listen to reaction from politicians and GOP contenders Ron DeSantis and Chris Christie.

Hunter Biden was increasingly upset as his plea deal fell apart in front of him. The White House comments (or refuses to comment) on the plea breakdown. Rep.  Lauren Boebert critiques the White House response.

Hunter Biden Judge Maryellen Noreika issued a new order banning lawyers from calling the clerk of the court. The ruling comes after shenanigans by Biden’s lawyers the day before the plea agreement. Senator Josh Hawley comments on the plea and Rep. James Comer weighs in.

Democrats hit the media explain that there is “no evidence” against President Biden. Biden himself jokes about Republican impeachment efforts and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy explains the process of an impeachment inquiry. More from Robert Gouveia at Watching The Watchers.

Should DeSantis Back Down?

Jack Posobiec, senior editor at Human Events, says the Republican electorate wants Donald J. Trump to have another bite of the apple.

In an interview with Breitbart’s Hannah Bleau, Posobiec shockingly reveals that several polls show Trump challenger, Gov. Ron DeSantis, is trailing by as many as 20 points in his home state of Florida! Is it time for DeSantis to back down before inflicting any more damage to his probable 2028 Presidential frontrunner status? Here’s more with Posobiec and Bleau at the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Fla.

They Sold Their Souls To Satan

Potus Turning Point rally! Is he really setting the stage for tribunals? He will “obliterate” the Deep State! These people are stick and tippy top! DC will self-destruct! DeSantis is owned and controlled by the Deep State! 202o election was bullshit! Social media makeover? Hollywood meltdowns! The Snake! More from McAllister TV.

DeSantis Hits A Roadblock?

Ron DeSantis seems to have hit a roadblock. But here’s why it might just be a fork in the road with a promising path forward for him. More from Dinesh D’Souza, who recommends a Trump-DeSantis ticket for 2024.

The Anti-Woke Crusader

Woke ideology has saturated companies and universities, with critical race theory now being taught in schools and many teachers being forced to take white-privilege training.

Not many folks would want to take on the woke protesters and supporters of the movement, but that isn’t the case with conservative New Yorker Chris Rufo, known as an anti-woke crusader. His critics say he’s a villain who invents culture wars. John Stossel has the full story.

RINOS Caught In A Trap

Tucker Carlson has destroyed the RINO wing of the Republican Party, making former Vice President Mike Pence look like an absolute charlatan. Nikki Haley and Asa Hutchinson also hit the chopping block. This comes as the campaign of Ron DeSantis sprawls apart in clear-cut disarray, rendering him as a monumental flop as well.

Does former President Donald Trump have any legitimate challengers? We wouldn’t exactly count the fat bastard Chris Christie as serious competition. Vivek Ramaswamy begins to surge as voters embrace his many brilliant ideas. But he doesn’t seem like even a likely vice presidential hopeful. More like a strong pick for a cabinet post.

Otherwise, Roseanne Barr is on fire. Has Attorney General Garland Merrick and the FBI walked into a trap? When will it spring tight and enclose them? Pray! More from And We Know.