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Juan O. Savin: On The Precipice

Juan O. Savin says there shouldn’t be anyone in America, at this point, that isn’t attuned to the fact that we’re on the precipice of some great peril.

Appearing on Blood Money, with host Vem Miller, Savin warns that some epic moment awaits the country and ponders whether this is the coup de grace to destroy America, our last dance. “We have been brought to the end of the precipice,” he says. Here’s more.

Juan O. Savin: Drama Ahead

Juan O. Savin says there’s huge drama ahead for all us and people need to be ready to spring or move, dodge or dive!

Appearing on “Nino’s Corner,” with host David “Nino” Rodriguez, Savin speculates the petro dollar will be among the first victims of The Storm, which he says will hit full force in 2024. Savin warns for people to begin accumulating things of real value, instead of politicized paper currency or putting any trust in the digital realm.

Savin says the Deep State will not stop with their false flags, and preparation and awareness is of the utmost importance. He explains further, plus also ponders Nino’s concern on whether Donald J. Trump will indeed be the Republican nominee.

Juan O. Savin: The Rothschilds

Juan O. Savin joins Nino’s Corner and host David “Nino” Rodriguez for an update on the Rothshild family’s unusual selling spree online.

The Rothschilds, whom many pundits view as the elite of the elites and the driving force behind the Deep State and their New World Order agenda, have been busy dumping their personal belongings at online auction houses, where we normally see wealthy families scarfing up the goods.

Savin posits that the reason for the Rothschild’s surprising activity goes back to an executive order from President Trump that stated the government could cease any assets from anyone involved in human trafficking and crime, and similar matters.  He explains further.

Juan O. Savin: Trust The Plan

An animated Juan O. Savin says we are approaching the scariest time of our lives. He says this is a near-death experience and everything worth living for is on the line.

Appearing on Nino’s Corner TV, with host David “Nino” Rodriguez, Savin emphasizes we are in a bullfight with the Deep State. “The real fight isn’t for Trump. It’s not even for the concept of America.,” Savin says. “It’s for the human race.” More with Savin, Rodriguez and special guest Ryan Veil.

Juan O. Savin: EAS Phone Tests

Juan O. Savin says not to worry about the Emergency Alert System tests, the first of which was conducted by FEMA and the FCC on Wednesday and the next scheduled for Oct. 11.

Appearing on the Mel Carmine podcast, Savin says they are not mass attacks on the public, but warns there are real threats and concerns with the cell-signal system. He dissects the threat and offers more intel.


Juan O. Savin: Not JFK Jr.

An adamant and defensive Juan O. Savin tells the Trump the Destroyer channel that he is not JFK Jr., nor has he ever said he was.

Deflecting a barrage of criticism from Trump the Destroyer, who demands an apology from Savin for his deception and taking advantage of patriots, Juanito makes his case. Here’s more.

Juan O. Savin: Big Red Button

Juan O. Savin says there are some difficult decisions ahead for America, which includes escaping from some wayward paths.

Taking into consideration all the chaos in the country today, Savin says he would borrow a quip from his close friend and author Larry Abraham, who said back in the ’80s that if there were a big red button to shut everything down he wouldn’t hesitate to press it. Says Savin, “I would shut the whole f#cking thing down, everything, and reset a lot of what’s going on in the country, and kind of methodically look at how you’re restarting stuff.”

Appearing on the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast, Savin elaborates, explains the dire consequences of the Democrats getting away with a stolen 2020 election and points to social media giants, Google, YouTube and Facebook as the danger to our country today.

Juan O. Savin: Counter Punch

Juan O. Savin tells Michael Jaco that after months of enduring the best Deep State efforts to derail the Great Awakening, we’re about to experience the counter punch from the White Hats.

Savin says it all begins when Congress returns from their brief summer hiatus and the focus centers around the CEFC, a China energy company that Hunter Biden was involved with and where massive amounts of money went to the Biden Crime Family.

Savin explains further and also breaks down how the FBI was briefed and failed to act on the Hunter Biden laptop months before the story hit the mainstream media, how the 2024 Presidential election is in danger of being paused, plus more intel. Buckle up, folks. The push-back is about to become a tidal wave!

Juan O. Savin: Brunson Case

Juan O. Savin tells Spaceshot that the ever-resilient Brunson case is tugging at yet another of its seemingly many lives.

In the latest development of the case, which has seen several denials by the Supreme Court, Savin says President Trump agreed to retruth a video produced by defendant Loy Brunson, asking Americans to send letters to the high court, enticing the justices to hear the case.

Savin digs deeper into the case and its history, including how the Democrats attempted to push Nancy Pelosi into the Oval Office, which would have led to legislation of term limits for SCOTUS justices, affecting Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

Grey-ET Base Under Hawaii

Kerry Cassidy, back from a challenging trip to Morocco, shares her world intel update, including a shocking reveal about a major, deep Grey-ET base under The Big Island in Hawaii.

Cassidy says nearly 2,000 children are still unaccounted for from the Maui firestorm, any who could have been killed, taken to the underground base, then off planet (at :16:30 of video). “Anything going on in the tunnels of Maui would actually be transported to the Grey-ET base in Hawaii,” she says.

Cassidy, who is convinced that Juan O. Savin is John F. Kennedy Jr., talks about the infiltration of the United States by Nazis, discusses the multiple Joe Bidens that are traipsing the planet and updates news on President Trump. Here’s more, and please use discernment when watching the video.