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Michael Jackson, Where You Be?

Queen marker getting ready to drop? Meghan Markle’s transhuman, clone-thing malfunctions and has a slow-mo moment! Common Core commie pedo-loving demtard teachers trying to teach sex to your kids…Why? Michael Jackson’s clones! Witness protection! Soul-sucking! More from McAllister TV.

JFK Jr: Our Next Vice President?

HAPPY SATURDAY EVERYONE! Can you feel it? So many people can see that IT’S HAPPENING!

Sarge from Icons and Dilara Esengil rejoin McAllister TV. John F. Kennedy Jr. will return. Could he become our next vice president? Military updates! Hollywood is dead! Their Babylonian shrine has gone black! Crooks fleeing! Empty streets! Hollywood assassins on the run!

Onward with the updates, including a look at the Intolerance portal in Hollywood, Babylon down and fashionable “women” with knobbly legs. Here’s more from McAllister TV.



A Royal, Wacky Mess

Shaun Attwood welcomes a panel of body language and behavioral experts, who dissect Oprah’s much-maligned interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The consensus among Gregory Hartley, Mark Bowden, Scott Rouse and Chase Hughes was that Markle wasn’t totally untruthful about many issues, while Prince Harry was truly overcome with emotion and frustration.

Rouse, a bilingual expert trained in body language and interrogation, says Markle doesn’t meet psychopath standards, as many have suggested, but is most likely a clinical narcissist, based on how she accepts no blame for anything but welcomes the praise for everything in the interview. Meanwhile, Hartley, author of 10 books on body language and behavior, says the couple was in total control of their discourse, holding hands tightly, yet sending each other signals with gentle taps, especially Prince Harry.

Bowden, a human behavior expert, puts the entire interview in perspective. “Until you actually get touching-close to that particular family, you just can’t understand how wacky it is.” Here’s more with the panel and Attwood.

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Meghan Markle And The Prince

The jostling between Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and The British Royals brings to mind the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. The Serpent, as you might recall, convinced Eve to eat from the forbidden fruits from the Tree of Life. Was he pushing equality or simply blaspheming God? More from Ramzpaul.

Was Meghan’s Dad A Spy?

Thomas Wayne Markle, the father of Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle, is usually identified as a lighting director, whose credits include General Hospital and Married…With Children. But could he have also been a spy?

That’s among the questions raised in this video of the DanjaZone, discussing how Thomas Markle also had been a Seabee welder and had a security clearance. He was known to have been taking photographs, using drones, in Russia as well as Turkey. DanjaZone gets into this material at the 8:12 mark.

Otherwise, this video discusses how Meghan has drawn Prince Harry away from his family and how Camila, the Duchess of Cornwall and wife of Charles, the Prince of Wales, is crying out for help with the wandering Prince Harry.

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Meanwhile, Prince Andrew might want to downplay his connection with Jeffrey Epstein, but even as early as 1984, Johnny Carson was making jokes about Andrew’s pedophile tastes. The upshot: The mass media has known about these pedophiles for decades, but chose not to overturn the apple cart by informing us about these fiends.

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Oprah Winfrey visits the Bahamas resort home of Peter Nygard, fashion mogul who now stands accused of raping or molesting 10 women, many of them 15 years of age or younger. Note the roster of guests who liked to party with Nygard: Sean Connery, Michael Jackson and George H.W. Bush.

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Royal Fight For Survival

Why are the British press now playing up the “fight for survival” involving Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle? Could it be to divert attention from the actual news they don’t want the public discussing? Like what news?

For instance, Manchester women raped by Pakistani men while the cops looked the other way. Or what about all of the pedophiles in the British government allowed to prey upon children? More from Vincent Vendetta.

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Jonathan Pie, the fictional news reporter created by British actor and comedian Tom Walker, gives us the scuttlebutt on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Yes, let’s visit the Royal Bottoms. More from Jamie Dlux.



Harry’s Transgender Girlfriends

If you wondered what Prince Harry sees in Meghan Markle, take a look at his 10 transgender ex-girlfriends. There’s a pattern here that keeps repeating. More from the Trans Investigator.

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Why all the news lately about Harry and Meghan? Could it all be a diversion? Something to grab our attention while the real man in the news, Prince Andrew, slithers away? That’s the premise Vincent Vendetta advances, quite powerfully, here.

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Vendetta has a Royal followup called The Prince, The Actress and The Unholy Bishop, returning to Prince Andrew, Harry and Meghan, and The Unholy Bishop: the Church of England’s Peter Ball, a pedophile friend of Prince Charles, same as the pedophile Jimmy Saville.

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Peddy Krueger

Let’s explore the pedophilia surrounding the series A Nightmare On Elm Street. Not only was the A-list series creator and director, the late Wes Craven, implicated, but others as well. In other words, we should probably call Freddy Krueger something different instead, say, Peddy Krueger. More from Jamie Dlux.

Vincent Vendetta has a brand new show that delves into the Demonrat Donor Ed Buck as well as Paul Krugman, the New York Times columnist denying charges of pedophilia. Also in this edition: Bill Clinton and the Royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Vincent Vendetta is always so good, this week we give you a double dose of his wit. In this second episode, he touches upon the court battle brewing this week between lawyers for Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell. At stake, whether a lot more Jeffrey Epstein documents get released. Also, Vincent delves further into the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle drama, which he calls a staged  event. Otherwise, we hear more about the disgraced Prince Andrew and the Department of Justice probe into the Clinton Foundation.

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High Strangeness and Epstein

Authors Donald Jeffries & John Barbour join the SGTReport to discuss the high strangeness surrounding the supposed death of Jeffrey Epstein, and much more. Thanks for tuning in!

Red Pilled Dog (formerly McAllister TV) takes on Rob Reiner, the Liberal Hollywood weasel who is forever challenging President Donald Trump. How much of that noise is designed to deflect the widespread guilt of Hollywood’s pedophiles, who have been preying upon child actors for decades now? Hey, Rob Reiner, stop projecting your own crimes upon the President. We can see through your meltdowns! Your panic! Time you pay the piper!

Jeffrey Epstein kept “meticulous diaries” on all of his associates and friends. Beneath the temple, on his Caribbean island, there was a three-story underground complex. Dr. Marc Siegal says he’s never seen anyone taken off suicide watch after only a two-week elapse in time. More on the Epstein case from Dustin Nemos.

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A dangerous duchess and a “dead” man. What exactly does George Clooney have to do with Meghan Markle? Was she a “yacht girl” for Jeffrey Epstein? The questions are beginning to pile up. More from the DanjA ZonE.

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We’re Demonetized!

Cultural Appropriation Month kicks off with Canada! Talking all things ‘Nasty’ Meghan Markle, Transgender murderer sex games, horsey McDrive throughs, and of course the #VoxAdpocalyse. Joined by THE Dave Rubin. Join Steven Crowder on Louder with Crowder.

Steven Crowder breaks down the genesis of #VoxAdpocalypse, the blatant double standards at play, and how these bullying tactics affect YOU.

Blaire White offered what we found to be a thoughtful and perceptive assessment of the fight, one she blames mostly on the spoiled brat drama queen antics of Carlos Maza, but she also doesn’t let Crowder off the hook completely, either. She implies he is exaggerating his anti-LGBT positions because he believes that’s what his audience wants. Blaire explains why she hasn’t been on the Louder with Crowder show for quite some time, but doesn’t regret the times she has appeared and debated with Crowder.

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Here is a discussion of the case between Tucker Carlson on Fox and Glenn Greenwald., co-founding editor of The Intercept.  Greenwald, who is gay, says he finds Crowder “a contemptuous cretin” as a comedian, but he nevertheless defends Crowder’s rights to perform and derails YouTube for censoring him. We concur. It’s time to break up this mega-firm that tramples so freely on the rights of Americans. One reason Google treats the First Amendment so flagrantly. It’s essentially held harmless when defamation lawsuits arise from material carried by Google or its subsidiaries, like YouTube. It’s time to change that. Google wants to act like a publisher, then treat it like a publisher, meaning it can be sued for defamation, same as any newspaper or radio station.

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Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

  • YouTube to Ban “Hateful,” “Supremacist” Videos.
  • Candidates Pledge Support For Israel In Identical Propaganda Videos
  • California Town Sees Businesses Vanish Following Minimum Wage Hike

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