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The [Deep State] Poked A Bear

Trump and the patriots are ready for the next phase: The control of information. Trump and the patriots have been working on a system that will rival Twitter, YouTube, Facebook,¬† etc. These [Deep State] platforms will no longer have the control over information. The fake news will no longer be able to spin the truth without the support of social media. The truth-telling platform will change all of this. The [Deep State] poked a bear and now it’s roaring. Buckle up. It’s going to be glorious. The best is yet to come. More from the X22 Report.

They want us gone yet we hold the line. Many leave their jobs. Trust in God! Pray! More from And We Know.

Shooting No “Freak Acccident”

Lauren Southern explores the killing of a cinematographer by actor Alec Baldwin, a well-known anti-gun activist. Southern says this shooting — on the set of the Western film called Rust — was no “freak accident.” The question becomes: Was Baldwin set up or did he violate proper protocols in handling a prop gun?

Breakout Of A Border War

Michael Jaco says armed fighting has broken out along the Texas-Mexico border as American citizens defend their homes and villages against foreign invaders. Incidents have been reported in two adjoining counties — Maverick and Kinney.

Kinney is sparsely populated with fewer than 4,000 residents but Maverick County is much bigger, with a population in excess of 50,000. Its county seat is Eagle Pass.

Jaco says residents, weary of the disturbances and steady encroachments, have called in veteran military friends to help them expel Cartel members pouring across the border. Kinney and Maverick are normally heavily Democratic, but the Biden administration’s blatant open border policies have upset the normal balances and destroyed law enforcement in this isolated region.


Food Prices To Skyrocket

As a billionaire supermarket CEO says food prices will skyrocket more than 10% in the next 60 days, the NSA/FBI/CISA are warning of cyberattacks on food production and municipal water/wastewater systems.

Our food and water are under relentless attack across all vectors: not only financial and cyber, but also supply chain. Meanwhile, there are mounting fertilizer shortages and steeply rising natural gas prices.

These are all conspiring to create a perfect storm within the systems that feed most people. Only those who seek to grow and raise their own food will be unaffected by the storm ahead. Get ready. More from the Ice Age Farmer.

Time For Fauci To Resign

Latest revelations paint a much darker portrait of Dr. Anthony Fauci. No longer does he appear to be a role model or someone conducting science in a healthy or positive manner. Instead, we’re now learning he funded truly hideous and sickening experiments involving humans as well as animals.

One experiment involved injecting toxins into the brains of monkeys. In another experiment, beagles were stripped of their ability to move while they were left to be eaten alive by flies. Apparently, we have our very own Josef Mengele!

What a disgrace! Fauci should not only resign his post. He should be placed on trial to determine if his sadistic, Nazi-like experiments warrant a jail term.

We already know he’s a flagrant liar after he testified to Congress — and fudged the facts¬† — when it came to admitting that the National Institutes of Health funded Covid-19 gain-of-function research at the Communist Chinese lab in Wuhan. More from The Salty Cracker.

The new revelations have most certainly vindicated Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, who has aggressively challenged the conniving Fauci. The question remains: Can Fauci be charged for his crimes and his lies about his crimes?

Jason Bermas says it’s not clear that he can be. So we might never put this monster behind bars, but we can certainly raise a stink and get him canned.


Juan O. Savin Revealed!

Juan O. Savin Nation was stunned on Sunday, when the gravelly voiced video blogger/storyteller revealed himself publicly for the first time at the For God and Country Patriot Double Down in Las Vegas. The wildly popular Savin mystique caught the imagination of alternative media fans in the past year, when appearing on several video sites, face and torso hidden, and only his feet visible, propped up on furniture with his signature boots.

Adding to his popularity was the notion from several bloggers that Savin was in fact John F. Kennedy Jr. in hiding. He explained in an earlier interview with Flyover Conservatives over the weekend that he decided to end the mystery and appear live, because promoters of the conference were attacked by Las Vegas media after they used the letter Q in the event’s name, which they subsequently changed.

In Part 1 of his address, courtesy of the Paula Loves Children channel, an animated Savin updates a small, but enthusiastic, crowd in Vegas, on the state of the Great Awakening, the impending trauma ahead and our assured victory. “The day has run its course in many ways, but it’s not over yet,” Savin says. “But the first shot across the bow is very close now.”

Here’s Part 2 of Savin’s address.

Death Cocktail For The Masses

The FDA has now announced a “mix-and-match” formula for booster shots that everyone has been told are necessary, just months after the original serum was released. Stew Peters says it’s an unprecedented push of government mandates and overreach, and a complete violation of individual freedom. Translation: It’s a death cocktail for the masses.

Peters welcomes Dr. Jane Ruby to the discussion, who says, “It makes absolutely no sense. There’s no data to support it. There’s no pandemic anymore, by definition.” Here’s more of their analysis on “The Stew Peters Show.”

The Brodels: Enough Is Enough!

Check out Martin Brodel and his wife, Brenda, like you’ve never seen them before. In an impassioned rant to the military and the supposed top 10 white hats who have the plan for the Great Awakening, Martin screams that he’s sick and tired of going out on a limb, putting the truth out there day after day, only to see the good guys make him and other alternative bloggers looks like fools!

“You want us to tell everyone that Hillary is dead. I get it, she’s dead,” Martin says. “Biden’s gone and Fauci has been arrested. OK, fine. Stop trotting the motherf*ckers out for everyone to see. Stop paying actors to put them out there.” He suggests the smart guys are becoming drunk with power and, instead of telling the truth to the American people, they are complicit in the massive web of lies.

Meanwhile, Brenda says the ridicule from family and friends is becoming unbearable. “Our friends and neighbors don’t want to talk to us anymore, because they think we’re crazy.” Here’s the entire rant.

Let’s Go Brandon

Bryson Gray’s rap song is currently riding the top of the charts, even though YouTube has seen fit to ban it. Gray is joined by Tyson James and Chandler Chump, with their own verses on our sick and mentally impaired, so-called president.

Joe Biden’s Greatest Hits!

All of your favorite Biden moments in one single collection! More from FreedomToons.

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