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Look For A Hot, Hot Summer

The patriots are now preparing the offensive. The [Deep State] is trying to get ahead of the election fraud story. The people will learn the truth and the facts. The [Deep State] is panicking and they are scrambling to stop the audit. Jen Psaki said she will be leaving in a year. The Atlanta mayor will not run again. The [Deep State] is in trouble. People are seeing the truth and as more do, the [Deep State] will come crashing down. The offensive has just begun. Get ready because this summer is going to get really hot. More from the X22 Report.

Sleuths on Twitter found the man who ended Ashli Babbitt’s life on Jan 6. Let’s look at the video evidence, plus get an update on Maricopa County and the real numbers for the deaths attributed to Op Warp Speeeeed. More from Lori Colley.

Joe Biden, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the Democrats are trying to install a full-blown Communist dictatorship. These Leftists are drunk with their power, and relying heavily on censorship in their quest to incapacitate the country and block all criticisms. More from JustInformed Talk.

Bill, Melinda Divide The Booty

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

  • Story #1: How Bill And Melinda Plan To Divide Their $150 Billion Fortune
  • Story #2: Why Is A Communist Party Member Shaping UK’s Lockdown Policy?
  • Story #3: Kansas City’s Sean Culkin Becomes 1st NFL Player to Convert Entire Salary to Bitcoin

Medical Journals Corrupt

I discuss the horrifying reality behind “Scientific” Medical Journals using snippets from recent exposé by Off Guardian & a clip from Dr. Tenpenny & Dr. Lee Merritt. More from the Amazing Polly.


Sinister Skull And Bones Society

The ranks of America’s wicked elite are continually provided with new blood from a secret society called SKULL & BONES. Jake Morphonios discusses the group’s sinister origin.

Legacy Republicans: So Sorry!

Question: What’s the biggest problem with the Legacy Republicans? You know, the anti-Trump minions like Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney and Geraldo Rivera.

Answer: They’re all not only living in the 1980s, but they are a bunch of cowards. They’re perpetually on an Apology Tour to the despicable Democrats as well as the lying mainstream media.

Says Styxhexenhammer666, “Oh the MSM says Trump did an insurrection? WE’RE SO SORRYYYYYYY!”


Shape-Shifting Chris Cuomo

While watching anchor Chris Cuomo discussing quarantines in a late-night CNN clip, Mark at Global Agenda was stunned at what he witnessed. He recorded 15 minutes of the segment on his Screencast-O-Matic and what he saw was Cuomo shape-shifting right before our eyes.

In the following video, Mark breaks down the video to about nine minutes. “He was shape-shifting like crazy,” he says. “Does the coronavirus have side effects? Because he had the coronavirus.” Here’s the clip from Global Agenda.

No Scripted Questions For Joe

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki finally admitted that President Biden is not allowed to answer questions from reporters that are not scripted. Appearing on a CNN podcast, Psaki says impromptu questions “is something we do not recommend.”

We’re talking about the Commander in Chief here, who’s apparently unable to make a move on his own unless the powers that be give the OK. What is this, a puppet show?  Mr. Obvious gives his take on the situation and also discusses a bill to legalize constitutional open -carry of handguns, President Trump’s new social media website and Tennessee’s ban of critical race theory from being taught in schools.

Who Hates The Police?

Hate them or love them, the police are a major and divisive issue across America. But why is the hate so much more prevalent?

Dennis Prager delves into the issue, breaking down an unbelievable hate video that went viral. In the clip, a woman gets pulled over by a cop for using her phone while driving. Her response: “Murderer, what are you going to do to me? Are you going to kill me and my son?” Prager says she must have called him “murderer” at least 10 times.

Later in the confrontation, the abusive woman calls the cop a racist Mexican! And the clincher is, she is a teacher! “Oh my God, that’s the scariest part of the video,” Prager says. “Only God knows what she teaches her kids.” In the following edition of PragerU, Prager offers his brilliant insight into why the Left hates the police and how they’re damaging law enforcement, and also discusses the definition of white values.

Cancelling Homeless People!

They need to be held accountable too, ok? More from FreedomToons.


Double Trouble

Hey kids (of all ages), it’s Saturday Morning Cartoon time again!

Jerry Lewis, perhaps best known to generations of Americans for his role in hosting the big MDA telethons from the ’50s into the 21st Century, actually had a diverse career in show biz. (Apparently achieving godhood in France, for some reason.)

Eddie Murphy owes a bit of his success to Lewis, as his 1996 NUTTY PROFESSOR hit film was a remake of Jerry’s most popular movie of the same title from ’63. Then Murphy’s sequel borrowed the concept of having the star in a bunch of different character roles from Lewis’ 1965 FAMILY JEWELS.

Also borrowing from the latter picture was the 1970 Filmation cartoon series WILL THE REAL JERRY LEWIS PLEASE SIT DOWN, featuring various Lewis characters in animated form. In this episode, the Professor character, apparently having learned nothing from STAR TREK TOS: THE ENEMY WITHIN, or any of the Superman comic origins of Bizarro, hits Jerry with a clonermajig and creates an Evil Twin… Not unlike Buddy Love from The Nutty Professor…

Though Jerry Lewis was involved with the series, his characters were voiced by none other than David Lander, best known as Squiggy from the live-action LAVERNE & SHIRLEY spin-off from HAPPY DAYS. Also on the show are Howard Morris, beloved by ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW fans as Ernest T. Bass, but also the voice of Jughead from the ARCHIES and the titular WALDO KITTY. (Both ‘toons previously featured on this channel.) Of course, we also have Jane Webb, who did most of the female voices in Filmation shows, from Batgirl to both Mary-Ann and Ginger, Betty and Veronica, not to mention SABRINA (previously featured here as well). More from The OldHorseman.

One of the wildest sketches in television history came when Howard Morris, the comedian from ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, joined Carl Reiner and Sid Caesar in a YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS spoof of THIS IS YOUR LIFE.   It’s funny from the first moment, but once Howard Morris shows up as Uncle Goopy, prepare to pee your pants.

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