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Kerry Gave Secrets To Iran!

He’s been caught leaking some 200 military secrets to Iran, but will Kerry pay any price for his corruption? We can pray! Join me for the details on Kerry’s escapades plus the new census info (D states losing seats!) and the Maricopa Audit. More from Lori Colley.

The [Deep State] is panicking. They are preparing a demean and destroy campaign to push against the audit. The people are ready to push back. The people have the true power and they are ready to take back their power. The census has been released and key [Deep State] states are now losing representation and the patriot states are gaining representation. Everything is about to change. The clock is ticking and the [Deep State] has trapped themselves in their own fraud.More from the X22 Report.

The mystery of a large set of DOD Pentagon IP addresses may be tied to the final days of the Trump administration and a larger PLAN…More from RedPill78.


All lies are coming to light. Literally! Popcorn ready. Pray. More from And We Know.

JFK And X-Protect UFO Files

Here’s a fascinating excerpt from the Dark Journalist’s new documentary X-Protect on the NASA-Nazi Advanced Tech UFO connection to the JFK assassination and CIA psychological warfare secrets. Topics covered include: CIA psychological warfare expert George Joannides, Admiral Bobby Inman, Wernher Von Braun, District Attorney Jim Garrison, Watergate lawyer Douglas Caddy and X-Protect Aerospace assassins.

Here is the 1959 episode of The Twilight Zone mentioned by the Dark Journalist for its veiled references to the X-Project. The episode is called “And When The Sky Was Opened,” and introduces us to three astronauts (played by Rod Taylor, Jim Hutton and Charles Aidman) who return from a mission in a new, supersonic space craft. After they land in the Mojave Desert, their lives strangely begin to change. Soon, they will face erasure from all existence.

The episode was directed by Douglas Heyes and written by Rod Serling, based on a short story by Richard Matheson. Matheson himself would become a prolific contributor to The Twilight Zone. His sci-fi and fantasy stories have inspired many films, including The Incredible Shrinking Man, Omega Man, I Am Legend and Somewhere In Time.


Hollywood’s Biggest Secrets

Mark Dice reveals a few of Hollywood’s biggest secrets. We say “a few of” because there are many more secrets awaiting to be disclosed. Nothing has been what it appears to be in Hollywood for many decades. There are deeper and darker secrets to disclose.

This Is Not A Game!

The [Deep State] is in a panic. The players are being exposed. Another individual pushed a fake hate crime. The impeachment push is failing. The story of the Air Force stopping near Trump’s resort in Scotland has fallen apart. The [DS] are now intensifying their attacks on Kavanaugh to remove him from the Supreme Court. Barr receives report from Horowitz. Arrests coming. The [DS]/[CB] make their move to remove Trump and collapse the global economy. They know what is coming. Nothing can stop this. Nothing. More from the X22 Report.

McAllister TV continues her quest to reveal old forgotten secrets by deciphering newspaper headlines and articles from long ago — back before every newspaper had been clamped down and filled with already sanitized stories. Here, we’re introduced to Sea Serpents! To Giants! To shining orbs of Hidden History!

8Chan remains offline but it looks like it could be re-emerging soon. How do we know? Because the usual despicable, lying Liberal outlets like the Washington Post have stepped up their attacks on 8Chan and on those who run the channel, including Jim Watkins. Destroying the Illusion delves into 8Chan in this new video, also exploring: the Q Rally in Washington, D.C., the FISA Report, Andrew McCabe, Jeffrey Epstein, UFOs and Big Pharma.

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RedPill78 is back and operating, after a few days off due to illness. Here, he talks about the pending release of the Fisa Report and US Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, talking corn.

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The Voynich Manuscript

One of history’s biggest unsolved mysteries is a lone copy of a 240-page tome that sits buried in Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. The Voynich Manuscript, carbon dated to 1420, has baffled cryptologists for centuries because no one can figure out what it says. Experts say the tome has all the characteristics of a real language, only one no one has seen before. Is it a hoax or a book of secrets? Learn more from Ted-Ed.

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Kaczynski: Mind Control Freak

Theodore Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, was a brilliant and talented mathematics prodigy who attended Harvard University. There, he was subjected to CIA mind control experiments, including being given LSD, that caused him to become deranged and to embark on a nationwide crime spree, murdering innocent victims. The CIA long hid its involvement and, even years later, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld connived to cover up the CIA and the government’s dirty deeds. Here, McAllisterTV relates what really happened and ties this case to its modern-day equivalents.


Brain Hacking

In 1959, Richard Condon wrote one of the most chilling political thrillers of all time — The Manchurian Candidate — about a Korean War prisoner brainwashed by the Communists and transformed into a “sleeper agent.” Unbeknownst to him, he was literally a walking time bomb, hardwired so he could be triggered to carry out an assassination years later by the flashing of a simple sign — the Queen of Diamonds in a game of Solitaire.

Sounds like fiction? Well, fast-forward to 2012. Now, scientists have demonstrated they can “hack” into the human brain, and extract vital secrets, even from unwilling subjects, using technology no more advanced than a video game headset. The mind boggles pondering the possibilities. H/T SourceFed

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