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Go Green, Go Hungry!

While hardcore environmental activists continue to push for a chemical-free world, countries around the world are experiencing mass starvation.

John Stossel reports that many governments have embraced the idea that pure nature is best, such as in Sri Lanka, where chemical fertilizer was banned, resulting in less food production and an 80 percent rise in prices. The move resulted in riots throughout the country, as Sri Lanka slipped into extreme poverty. “It’s out of control,” says environmentalist Michael Shellenberger. He joins Stossel to explain the green dogma.

Federal Reserve Note Death

Dollars are dying by the day. More from Clif High.

Ukraine Weapon Trafficking

Weapons marked for the Ukraine are instead being diverted around the world as the CIA attempts to foment trouble.

Here, Michael Jaco, a former CIA officer, explains how bad hats within the agency have been playing dirty games. A plane that crashed in Serbia apparently was carrying weapons that the CIA wanted to use in Bangladesh. Why Bangladesh?

Does this have anything to do with India no longer using American dollars but instead going along with Russia and China? What about Sri Lanka? Did the CIA instigate that dustup as well? Jaco discusses the various options with Nicholas Veniamin.

The Worldwide Revolt is really picking up steam and spreading like wildfire around the world. Canada’s Farmers are preparing themselves as we speak, uniting with truckers and patriots. They’re getting ready for the FINAL STAND.

The covid slave mask’s true purpose is far more sinister than most people know. Watch to learn the true effect that wearing a mask for 2-years will most certainly have. It’s insidious, and the consequences of mask wearing are now starting to become evident. More from the SonOfEnos.

We Are Not Committing Crimes

The latest in how Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are destroying lives and countries to save the environment, the Sri Lanka crisis, Hunter Biden, and more! More from AwakenwithJP and We Lie To You News.

The Big Ugly

The BIG UGLY is rapidly approaching. Get your paradigm in place and locked down…More from Clif High.

Economic Doom Is Here

Bright Insight’s Jimmy Corsetti warns that the dire economic forecasts for the planet are actually happening. He says the cost of everything is going to skyrocket far more than it already has and there are going to be food shortages worldwide, the likes of which are going to be horrifying.

“It’s already happening. It’s a mathematical certainty and it’s going to affect everyone,” he says. He digs into why this is happening and more.

They Are So Bloody Obvious

Why was John “Skippy” Podesta visiting New Zealand immediately before the shooting at Christchurch? Then we had Michelle Obama in Paris — traveling down the Seine, dripping wine — at precisely the time the fire broke out at Notre Dame Cathedral. Seems the Swamp Rats just can’t hide it any longer. They are dirty, they are sleazy, they are behind so much carnage and violence. More from Lions Republic Entertainment.

ARVE Error: need id and provider

Amazing Polly says the Swamp Fiends also showed up in Sri Lanka ahead of the Easter Sunday attacks on churches and hotels. She identifies the culprit here as Samantha Power,  who served as the Obama administration’s Ambassador to the United Nations. In the second half of her video, Polly gets into spy vs. spy stuff. She says, “I speculate that one of the victim stories in the news might actually be a coded message from the White Hats letting the cabal know they are losing control.”

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