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Biden Sued Over Student Loans

Six States sue the Biden Administration over the new Student Loans policy as Biden says “bring it on” during a speech. We review the complaint in Nebraska v. Biden and the docket schedule. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

September Worst for Stocks

Trish Regan gives a dire warning for stock performance in September, calling it traditionally one of the worst months for trading.

Regan has warned for months that gains in the stock market were out of touch with reality and unsustainable. But now, as the Fed hikes rates on the middle class and the Biden Administration attempts tp deliver helicopter cash to college grads, she predicts very challenging times lie ahead. Here’s her report.

Pay Your Own Loans!

In an attempt to buy votes, Joe Biden is wiping off up to $10,000 in student loan debts for Americans who secured their college degrees through loans from federal programs. Here, Conservative Momma plays one of those loan recipients, explaining to some of her friends lacking degrees why they ought to carry this burden now.

Deep State Wants Mass Death

On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle says that despite the Deep State mass depopulation and widespread chaos narrative, the American public is beginning to see and realize what is really happening.

“The Deep State wants to hurt us. They want to kill us. They want to maime us,” Radiostyle says. He explains further, plus features a Devin Nunes clip on Newsmax, where he posits there are two- to three-dozen “rats” festering in the corrupt FBI, DOJ and Biden Administration. Here’s more.

Mike Rowe: Safety Third!

John Stossel welcomes cable television superstar Mike Rowe, who discusses his take on a variety of topics, including pandemic restrictions, the nature of work and the push throughout the country to forgive student loans.

Rowe, who hosts “Dirty Jobs” on the Discovery channel, says his new slogan is safety third!  “It’s easy to save lives,” he says. But living life is more important.” Here’s the full interview.

Freeloader U.

If you haven’t noticed, colleges are getting filthy rich with the massive subsidies and tax breaks they receive from government–all at the expense of students and taxpayers. To put it in perspective, the college business model is actually totally dependent on taxpayers.

And rest assured that their spending habits have gone through the roof. Take Yale University, which pays no property tax on its dining hall, much to the chagrin of surrounding restaurants in New Haven, Conn., and even boasts its own pizza oven in addition to a luxurious golf course on campus. Farther west, the University of Utah has used some of its riches for a student crying room! You just can’t make this stuff up.

A closer look at government tax breaks reveals that colleges and universities are doing quite well, thank you. Yale boasts a $31 billion endowment, while fellow Ivy League school Harvard’s fund is at $40 billion. Yet taxpayers keep doling out the moolah in the way of cash grants and more than $1 trillion nationwide in student loans. It’s how colleges have gotten away with jacking up their tuition at four times the rate of inflation.

Inez Stepman, an education policy researcher at the Independent Women’s Forum, says almost half of the students don’t graduate in six years and end up with an $80,000 debt without a degree. “They’re not making wiser citizens,” she says. “They’re making citizens who hate their country.”  Here’s more with Stepman and consumer journalist John Stossel.

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The Biggest Scam in America

With the rising costs of education and student loans spiraling out of control, many progressive politicians, such as Bernie Sanders, are suggesting that we should have free tuition at colleges and universities. But how do they propose to pay for it? From the American taxpayers, of course. Not a good idea, says entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David. Instead, Bet-David says the real problem lies in the colleges themselves–why an education costs so much and why the system is the biggest scam in our nation today. Bet-David reveals how our universities are tax-exempt on property, tuition, sponsorships, donations and income from activities on campus. Bet-David gives us more of the shocking truth in this episode of Valuetainment.

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Trump Outflanks Dems On Left

Vincent James of The Red Elephants says President Donald Trump is outflanking the Democrats on the left. What’s he doing? How about forgiving student loan repayments for a period of six months? Could be enough to lead some of the Bernie Bros to vote Trump instead of going with Joe Biden.

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Democrats’ Student Loan Grift

Steven Crowder explains why the 2020 Democrats’ student loan forgiveness ‘victim’ mentality creates real victims.

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Students Soaked for Obamacare

In a little-known provision of Obamacare, student loan money is being diverted to help underwrite the enormous costs associated with the new and bureaucratic federal health mandates. If this provision were to be scrapped, students would see about a 20 percent reduction in the interest charged on their loan repayments. Pundit Dick Morris explains.

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