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Prepping For What Comes Next

Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy welcomes engineer J.C. Cole to the program to discuss the planet’s food-supply chaos and how to prepare for what comes next.

Cole says our food-supply chain is overextended and positioned to collapse, so much so that if it does, the majority of Americans will no longer have food delivered. And if that wasn’t dire enough, he says our electric grid is our last straw. “It can collapse very easily, either by Mother Nature or our enemies.”

Cole says the solution might well entail what he calls “squat analysis”–a method for analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and theats– and the move to build several million sustainable farms. Here’s more with Cassidy and Cole.

Socialism Ruins Environment

Socialists say they care about the environment, but the real world shows that capitalism works better.

Tom Palmer, executive vice-president of Atlas Network, says we tried controlling the environment through socialism and it was a complete failure. “Socialist governments have the worst environmental record on the planet,” he says. Here’s the  evidence.


It’s here -> The PEOPLE are on the Move. More from Clif High.

Not All Students Woke Socialists

John Stossel reports that most students are taught that capitalism is a problem. But students interacting with “Stossel in the Classroom” know capitalism makes life better.

They learned free market ideas from Stossel’s program, a non-profit that gives teachers videos to play in class. Says Stossel, these students know more than most American politicians.” Here’s his report.

Orwell’s Eerie Predictions

Caleb Jones, host of the Sovereign CEO podcast, says some uncanny predictions by George Orwell nearly 80 years ago, mirrors the world we live in today.

Orwell’s prophecy came in a summary excerpt of John Burham’s book, The Managerial Revolution, where he writes, among other things, that capitalism is disappearing, but socialism is not replacing it–frightingly on target to what we are experiencing today. Jones gives his take on the excerpt, breaking it down line by line.

Financial Collapse Was Planned

Kevin Freeman, one of the world’s leading experts on economic warfare and financial terrorism, tells “The Pete Santilli Show” that that the world’s financial collapse has been in the planning stages for decades.

Freeman says that enemies, foreign and domestic, have for decades looked at how to take power from the liberty loving Americans and transfer it to the globalists, who then become the ruling elites. More with Freeman and Santilli.

What Power Looks Like

Benjamin Netanyahu, who returns for his third stint as Israel’s Prime Minister, tells The Rubin Report how the country has been able to harness free markets and capitalism to achieve a higher GDP per capita than France and Japan.

Netanyahu, who says socialism was a major thorn in the Israeli economy the past few years, also elaborates on the difficulty of forming a coalition government and what issues matter most to conservative Israelis.

Let Them Drive Cake

It’s electric. Boogy-woogy-woogy. More in a rant from RazorFist, who recommends putting Kamala Harris on the job because she’s got a lot of experience getting drilled.

The Dark Plan To Mutate Man

The globalists are keenly aware of human potential, but they’re afraid of it and want to dumb-down the general public so they can play God and not have competition. They’ve launched a desperate, depopulation, brain-damaging program to destroy capitalism and what’s left of free market, because their socialist New World Order can’t compete with America.

Author and TV peronality Jay Dyer joins InfoWars and Alex Jones to discuss the globalists’ dark plan to mutate man.

Rich And Poor Get Richer

Everywhere people trash capitalism. It’s become the punching bag of choice because people don’t understand it. Popular refrains are: The rich always get richer, or capitalism funnels all the money to the top one percent.

Appearing on the John Stossel podcast, economist Dan Mitchell sets the record straight and busts the ridiculous ideas about rich entrepreneurs, income inequality and monopolies. Says Mitchell, “The rich get richer in a capitalist society, but guess what? The rest of us get richer as well.” Here more with Stossel and Mitchell.