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Seals Rescue Children, Bodies

Navy Seals have rescued more than a thousand children and dead bodies from shipping containers on the Evergreen ship that was blocking the Suez Canal. This according to The Marshall Report, says Martin Brodel. As of this writing, sources say children are still being rescued and bodies recovered in the ship’s 18,000-plus containers.

Brodel says the Seals also found weapons of mass destruction on the vessel, which were believed destined to start a war in the Middle East. The ship was finally freed from the canal earlier this week and taken to Bitter Lake, in Egypt, at which time the Seals searched the containers. Brodel brings us more of the sordid details, plus an update on the Tiger Woods crash, the attack on Capitol Hill and the latest on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who says vaccine passports are a mark of the beast.

The CyberPandemic Has Begun

The World Economic Forum’s proclaimed Cyberpandemic has begun: defense, power, water, finance, and our supply chain are all vulnerable to massive disruptions after FireEye & SolarWinds have unleashed weapons of mass digital destruction AND unlocked the back doors of governments, militaries, and nearly the entire Fortune 500. Christian Westbrook breaks it down, and asks: “Who stands to benefits from this Cyberpandemic?” in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

The Grand Leader of The Technofascist Great Reset Klaus Schwab has issued his pronouncement: our digital infrastructure and even the power grid that enables it is at great risk of global disruption from cyberattack. And you know what? He’s right.

It’s just that the most likely cyberterrorists are the criminals in government and in organizations connected to the World Economic Forum.

In any case, we shouldn’t rely on the idea of important information being forever and always available at the click of a button. So what ever can we do to safeguard the books, music and media that we hold dear? What people have always done: keep a physical copy of it. Today James Corbett and his guests extol the virtues of physical media in an increasingly digital age. More from The Corbett Report.

Biden’s Consistency Problem

With the spotlight on Sleepy Joe Biden’s attention-deficit problems and a barrage of faux pas over the past few months, Larry Elder found it apropo to look at the Democrat Party’s presumptive nominee’s struggle with consistency. Elder specifically details Biden’s messaging on two important issues: Saddam Hussein’s alleged WMD (weapons of mass destruction) program and the character of the individual who tragically caused the death of Biden’s wife and daughter in a car accident in 1972. What Elder finds is some major gaps in consistency.

Dubya Rears His Ugly Head

George W. Bush – who peddled the most harmful conspiracy theory of modern times when he asserted Iraq had weapons of mass destruction — is today decrying America’s obsession with conspiracy theories, writes Paul Joseph Watson.

Oh, the irony. “Discontent deepened and sharpened partisan conflicts,” the former President said during a speech for the George W. Bush Institute. “Bigotry seems emboldened. Our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.” More from Lionel Nation.

Did Trump Start WWIII?

Trump just started World War 3 — as 59 Tomahawk missiles slam into a Syrian airfield. Trump’s excuse? Another false flag “atrocity.”

Just like removing Saddam Husein from Iraq, CIA’s Syria strategy starts by demonizing the foreign leader (with a staged Syrian “sarin gas attack”), then calls for United Nations joint effort to seize control of the foreign territory.

But this False Flag “sarin gas attack” in Syria was poorly staged by CIA and Israel — since emergency personnel handled victims of the fake sarin attack using bare hands (no protective gloves). That would never happen in a real chemical weapons attack — since the paramedics would get contanimated with neurological toxins.

Is Trump’s strategy against Syria just a replay of the phony “WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction” excuse used to overthrow Iraq? Is oil the goal — or does the USA seek something more?

Watch Tomahawk missiles launch from the USS Porter, headed at Syria. Pentagon footage shows Trump’s reaction to CIA’s false flag “sarin gas attack.”

100 years ago on April 6, 1917, the USA entered World War ONE. Trump now risks launching World War 3 against Russia — to protect the petrodollar by controlling oil production and export via Syria.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Both of these videos have disappeared from YouTube. In their absence, we bring you a Bitchute video by Partisan Girl, a native of Syria, who describes the missile attacks.)

Billion Dollar Babies

Do Americans suffer from Islamophobia? Or are they simply exhibiting a rational “Getting Blown Up Phobia?” Or a “Using Airplanes as Weapons of Mass Destruction Phobia?” Sensitivity trainer Joe Dan Gorman presents his diagnosis, and also administers some castor oil to leftwing media ideologues, in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

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