Television Is The Virus

With opinions and noise overwhelming you at a record pace in this era of the coronavirus, you need to take a breath and wake up. The truth is, says Charlie Ward, the television is the real virus.

Ward unleashes one of his rare rants with dead aim on the millionaire producers and networks who bring us ridiculous programming, many of them pushing virus restrictions, others not so much. “You need to wake up, or are you just prostitutes to your paymasters,” he says, addressing TV executives. “You need to open up your mouths and start being honest.” His stern advice: Turn off the TV and stop buying newspapers. Here’s more of Ward’s rant.

Media Distrust Highest In USA

Americans are No. 1 in recognizing the legacy media is a pack of lies. There is not a higher level of distrust in the media in any other country.

In other words, Big Tech is still failing to prop up the corpse that is cable and newsprint. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Big Tech Throttles Newspapers

Learn how Facebook and Google conspired together secretly to steal the advertising revenue from small newspapers. Big Tech called this hidden venture “Jedi Blue.” The details of this agreement were first revealed on Dec. 16, 2020 when 10 state attorneys general sued Facebook and Google for violating state and federal antitrust laws as well as consumer protection laws. More from Bill Still.

USA Today Ending Print Edition

The useless propaganda rag, USA Today, is ending its print edition. It will take about two years for the phase-out to be complete. That leaves us with a burning question: How are we going to line our parakeet cages now? More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Newspaper Censorship

In May 2013, John Rosemond—America’s longest running newspaper columnist—received an astonishing order from the Kentucky attorney general: Stop publishing your advice column in the Bluegrass State or face fines and jail. The attorney general and Kentucky’s psychologist licensing board believe that John’s column, which is syndicated in more than 200 papers nationwide, constitutes the “unlicensed practice of psychology” in Kentucky when it appears in a Kentucky newspaper. Kentucky’s crackdown is part of a national surge in the abuse of occupational licensing laws to censor advice.

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