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Fauci Sex Allegations Aired

Tuesday, we reported on the allegations of Ava Chen, a Chinese journalist who claimed that American medical czar Anthony Fauci had conducted a sexual liaison with Wang Yanyi, the director general of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Now, two days later, the One America News network has become the first national news outlet to cover the allegations.

The revelations come from April Moss, formerly a CBS reporter in Texas, who is interviewed on OAN by Dan Ball. Moss previously had conducted an hour-long interview with Ava Chen and run it on her Rumble program called Face The Facts.

Chen belongs to a dissident group, the New Federation State of China (NFSC), that opposes the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The leader of the NFSC, Miles Guo, was arrested last week by a squad of more than 100 FBI agents who raided his New York City apartment.

They nailed him on a series of fraud charges, maintaining he had duped donors out of close to $1 billion. But those backing Guo believe the FBI is after him at the behest of the Chinese Communists and the Chinese Communists’ American allies — Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

Beware Of Shiny Objects

The [Deep State] is panicking. They do not control the narrative and the people are learning the truth. As the facts come out, the [Deep State] will need to stop it. They are now pushing a UFO distraction and they want the people to look over there instead of where the truth is.

Durham doesn’t seem like he is the only one investigating. More and more evidence shows that the new Supreme Court is investigating election fraud. The case is being built. It is only a matter of time. More from the X22 Report.

The Scoop On Hunter’s Laptop

Funny how Twitter banned Wayne Allyn Root “for life” when he sent out a couple of Tweets jawboning about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the global corruption it revealed.

Now, Elon Musk is talking about cleaning up the rat’s nest at Twitter while the lying fake news — the New York Times and Washington Post — are finally admitting the laptop isn’t Russian disinformation whatsoever, but the genuine article!

Root, a conservative pundit, appears here on the OAN show The Real Story to discuss the proverbial laptop. He says it offers solid evidence, showing how Hunter Biden solicited pay for play cash from foreign powers with a 10 percent cut going to the Big Guy — Joe Biden. When you’re talking about the Democratic Party, graft and corruption are never far from the surface!

How a high-ranking CIA official congratulated himself for lying to the American people to help put Joe Biden in the White House. His name: John Sipher. He’s a self-admitted con man, a total phony, like the agency he used to represent. More from Dinesh D’Souza.





2000 Mules Coming Early May

2000 Mules, Dinesh D’Souza’s explosive documentary about election fraud in the 2020 Presidential contest, will be coming out in early May. D’Douza pledges it will offer definitive proof that the Democrats rigged and stole the election.

Here, D’Souza is interviewed on the One America News network’s program Tipping Point. He says the film “goes from possibilities and probabilities and anomalies to certainties” that a wholesale theft of the election occurred.

McAfee’s Quest For Freedom

Amanda Milius, daughter of conservative Hollywood screenwriter John Milius, has secured the film and television rights to No Domain, the pending Mark Eglington book that explores the life of maverick John McAfee. Here, she talks about the biography, McAfee’s life and his death inside a Barcelona prison while awaiting extradition to the United States. More from One America News.


More Video Implicates FBI

More video evidence has surfaced from the Jan. 6 Capitol siege, proving the complicity of the FBI in the insurrection. OAN obtained the raw video, shot exclusively by journalist Bobby Powell, revealing the shocking actions by two undercover FBI agents smashing windows, urging onlookers to enter the building, even forcing many of them against their will. Senators Kirsten Sinema of Arizona and Josh Hawley of Missouri now have possession of the video.

Powell says he recorded the men attacking the building at the east entrance and subsequently provided the FBI with 29 minutes of high-definition footage more than five months ago. “Neither one of these men have been arrested. They are not in any of the 400-plus indictments, I checked them all,” he says. “There is not one frame of video, not one still photo of either of these men on the FBI’s web page that asks people to give them tips on who the rioters were.” Check out more of this OAN exclusive with additional insight from Powell.

Victim Details Clinton Sex Abuse

In a chilling interview with the FBI, an alleged rape victim of Bill Clinton when he was a boy, recounts details of sex assaults and Satanic rituals. In a related story dating back to 2018, veteran journalist Jen Moore, who was investigating possible sex crimes involving Clinton, was found dead under suspicious circumstances in a Capital Heights, Md., hotel room.

FBI whistleblower Robyn Gritz blew the case open when she told One America News that Moore told her that if the wrong people found out about the documents she had obtained, they would kill her. Gritz, a former FBI agent, said she never knew Jen’s last name, but authorities called her because she had listed Gritz as the next of kin. Here’s more from Clinton’s assault victim and the Moore case on True Pundit.

Joe Biden’s Foreign Bribes

How did Joe Biden make millions of dollars paid to him in foreign bribes?  Why is the cowardly mainstream media refusing to report the facts? Why are the social media platforms censoring Americans like never before? More from Rudy Giuliani in this edition of Uncovered.

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Chanel Rion of OAN confirms what’s on Hunter Biden’s laptops. Namely, images showing Hunter Biden engaging in sexual posturing and horseplay with his niece, Natalie Biden, as well as attempting to come on to her in online conversations. Rio says there are date stamps on the images, making it possible to affix her age at the time — 14 years old.

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News reports indicate that a number of sexual images and text messages found on Hunter Biden’s laptops involve underage girls, including a 14 year-old Biden family member. Is this the reason the media has been pushing for universal condemnation of Q-anon? More from Ben Swann.

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Joe Biden just overdosed as the first Hunter Biden sex tape has been released over the Internet. The tape, apparently shot in China, shows Hunter smoking crack while getting a foot job from what appears to be a young woman. We only see her feet so it’s impossible to precisely gauge her age. But she speaks a few times, and seems to  be in her twenties or early thirties — not an underage teenager. Will there be other tapes to follow? Apparently so. More from the Salty Cracker.


Look what else has shown up, released by the Chinese dissidents:

Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi with a young Asian girl.

Conservative Opinion Silenced

A Cato Institute study finds that 62 percent of Americans are afraid to express their political views in the current political climate. Liberals, conservatives and moderates worry that such expression could get them fired or harm their careers. But the most alarming numbers in the study reveal that 77 percent of conservatives say they have political opinions they’re afraid to share, while 6 in 10 liberals feel they can say what they believe. Host Liz Wheeler, host of “The Tipping Point” on OAN, says the boogieman in the room is the cancel culture.

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Lil’ Brian Stelter Making Waves

CNN host Brian Stelter has a new target: OAN, the One American News Network favored by President Donald Trump. Here, Mark Dice has a little bit of fun roasting Stelter, as well as exposing the ugly role played by Oliver Darcy.

It’s Darcy who serves as CNN’s main snitch, ratting out conservative videos to YouTube and trying to get them censored. Darcy is not at all a legitimate newsman, more like a glorified gutter sweeper.