Biden’s Lackeys Raid Rudy

Beijing Biden’s lackeys raid the apartment of Rudy Giuliani as part of their persecutorial purge. This comes just as news leaks of Nick Fuentes being added to the No-Fly List.

Look for more on this nonsense as Biden’s team gains more confidence. He learnt from the master, Barack Obama, on how to amass the long arm of the FBI, the IRS and other federal agencies to attack political enemies.

Can we count on the feckless mainstream media to report these abuses? Do pigs fly? More from Styxhexenhammer666.

We’ll cover the empty speech from last night, and the Deep State’s Revenge raids on Rudy and others, the GOP’s choice for 2024, and the feds’ overreach in the Chauvin Trial. Don’t let the side show distract you—they are going down! More from Lori Colley.

The former New York City mayor Rudy Guiliani made his first public appearance since the raid, speaking on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News. He discusses exactly what happened when his home was raided by federal law enforcement.

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Vaccine Dissidents

I start with Public Health officials making a startling admission, then I move to 4 more examples of persecution of people who are questioning the government’s Big Pharma response to COVID, and then I go through who “they” are. Who is it behind the persecution, censorship & vaccine narrative??? More from Amazing Polly.

The Subversion Of America

Lauren Southern discusses the subversion of America, and how she has been blackballed, censored and declined access to America because of the films she has been making. Most notable among these is Farmlands, which details the plight and persecution of South African farmers.

This Stuff Is Real

I end with some fun.. but first I have to go through the bad part. And that is this: The military is after us, the “journalists” are after us, “Big Tech” is after us, Deep State is after us. I show you exactly how the system is using every means at its disposal for political persecution… and it’s not just online personalities they want to get to. It’s every single one of us. I talk about the Biden laptop, NBC news doxxing queen, more deplatformings, Steve Bannon with Rudy Guiliani and more. Don’t forget to go see the pitch to fund an Emergency Injunction against Google!! More from Amazing Polly.

Worst Countries For Persecution

Despite the pressure of holding countries accountable for human rights violations, groups of people still find it necessary to persecute others for being the wrong kind of different. Unfortunately, some of the countries doing the most discriminatory practices are the richest and most developed nations in the world. Top Tenz takes a deeper look at the worst countries for persecution.

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Hitler Brown Shirts Coming

Lisa Haven says Leftists keep pushing tighter and tighter censorship. They not only want to block conservatives and Christians from having access to social media, but to limit and censor free speech and press across the board. Says Haven, “There’s something big and bad’s been unleashed across America.” It’s an all-out attack on truth!

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Beware Of the John Doe Rule

Ever hear of the John Doe Rule? First there’s a mind-shattering SWAT raid, then an incomprehensible gag order. It’s a protection device for political prosecutors. But is it really tyranny in America. Investigative journalist John Stossel talks to victims, then interviews free speech advocate Mark Steyn in this edition of LibertyPen.

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