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Pedogate: The Deep State War

In this episode, we take a closer look at the ‘NXIVM’ sex cult and answer the question – ‘WHO IS RACHEL CHANDLER?’ The full title of the work is Pedogate, Part 2, Final Cut: The Deep State War, Episode 7. A new documentary expose from Mr. Truthbomb.

The [Deep State] Got Caught

The [Deep State] is panicking. They are not in the driver’s seat. They are now reacting to everything the patriots are doing.

Elon Musk is now producing information about Twitter and the [Deep State] is trying to stop him, but nothing can stop this. Trump is letting everyone know that he has all the evidence and it is all documented and this information is going to be produced for the public.  More from the X22 Report.

Who Is Rachel Chandler?

In this video we will find out who Rachel Chandler is connected to.

Chandler, for those unfamiliar with her, was an associate of Jeffrey Epstein, the serial child rapist. A photographer, she also ran a fashion modeling agency — Midland. She is descended from a prominent American family that founded and formerly operated the Los Angeles Times.

Did she play a central role in Epstein’s efforts to procure sex slaves? More from Mr. Truthbomb.

Define Bait, Define Plant

The [Deep State] took the bait and completely destroyed themselves. They put a witness on the stand that was fed false info and it was debunked in a matter of minutes. Was this a trap? Was Cassidy the bait to destroy the J6 fake show.

The patriots are in control and the next phase of the plan is coming online. [Ghislaine Maxwell] was just the beginning, Trump, Kash, Nunes all hint to where this is all going: Rachel Chandler. More from the X22 Report.

ƃuᴉʞlɐM uɐW pɐǝp :ɟɟᴉɥɔS ɯɐp∀

Standard Hotel Decode! What happened in that hotel!?! Obama and Wendy (Maggie Nixon)! Tom Hanks and Carney’s! Adam Schiff’s Hotel Murder! Dead Man Walking! Traitor! Future proves the past! Tick Tick Boom! More on Rachel Chandler, Ed Buck and others from McAllister TV.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: In case you’re wondering, our headline reads: “Adam Schiff: Dead Man Walking.” We printed it upside-down. That’s because the Standard Hotel always ran its name upside-down on its marquees and building signs — paying homage to the Satanists, like Adam Schiff, who frequented that clip joint.  Sick assholes, every one of them!)

Just how corrupt and vicious is Joe Biden’s administration? A young girl says she was raped and abused by both Joe Biden and Barack Obama, as well as a host of Hollywood celebrities. Ally Carter says she was trafficked since she was a young girl, first by her own mother and later by a series of pimps, working through Child Protective Services.

By the age of 13 she was being trafficked to local police chiefs in the Los Angeles area, as well as such celebrities as John Travolta, and Beyonce, musicians Steven Tyler and rapper Too Short, as well as Presidents Joe Biden and Barack Obama. She confirms Barack Obama’s “wife” Michelle is actually just a man in drag.

Here, Carter speaks with Stew Peters about the disgusting and often Satanic arrangements. She would be moved across Hollywood and Los Angeles through underground tunnels equipped with elaborate transport systems. Many of the tunnels lead directly to the Getty Center.

She tried to discuss her case before the 2020 presidential election. Sad to say, but none of the corrupt journalists in the mainstream media would touch upon her allegations, or address the child trafficking issue. They are shills for the Satanists, overwhelmingly leftist and biased.


Down the Rabbithole

MSNBC goes down a new rabbithole, claiming an Asian group is trying to help bankroll President Donald trump’s re-election. Turns out MSNBC is jawboning over The Epoch Times, which is an American publication, run by recent immigrants from mainland China. Meanwhile, MSNBC says nothing over the Democratic Party traveling to Mexico City to hold three anti-Trump fund-raising events. More from Mark Dice.

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Speaking of rabbit holes, Ever heard of LARRY CELONA (Royal Lancer)? Does he really exist? Stanley Kubrick in EYES WIDE SHUT listed him in the credits and showed his articles from the New York Post in a an actual movie scene. Then, get this, Larry Celona in real life writes about Kubrick’s suicide months later after the movie is released. What are the ODDS of that? More from Bill Smith.

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Rachel Chandler alleged child Handler for Epstein, Ghislaine, Michael Aquino, modeling’s pedo normalization. More from TestingtheNarrative.

Try Harder!

In Pursuit of Truth reviews the latest news involving or relating to Q-Anon, including 13 new indictments against R. Kelly and the resignation of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta. Also, we learn that Jeffrey Epstein kept an “insurance policy,” videos in a large safe, presumably showing rich and famous individuals involved in illegal activities on his island.  This safe was not at his Manhattan mansion but on the island. Will the contents be revealed?

SerialBrain2 offers a two-part series that explores how President Donald Trump vanquished the chemtrails, and the dominance of Queen Elizabeth 1, to Make America Great Again. This series uses gematria, the particulars of Trump’s recent Twitter posts and older symbols including the eye of Ra, the serpent and the rainbow to capture the metaphysical battle now occurring to re-establish a free and proud United States.


Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico property will be part of the investigation. There are rumors that an individual will be stepping forward, could this be [Rachel Chandler]. Watch the news, the news unlocks. There are mysterious boxes in each of his rooms. Flynn’s case mimics, Trump Tower, CP and GP etc. New York City had a blackout, and it seems there might be a message associated with it. Q drops more bread. This shows Jeffrey Epstein’s island. Someone used a drone to fly over it. More from the X22 Report.

From his 2008 conviction, to the sweetheart deal which may have ended a political career. From the underage girls who serviced him, to the madam who procured them. From a proposed deal to reveal names of those who enjoyed his harem, to the possible takedown of some big VIPs. This is Jeffrey Epstein’s story which proves Pizzagate is real. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!

Jeffrey Epstein: The Keystone

Isaac Kappy’s real dead man’s switch. Here, he calls Jeffrey Epstein “the real keystone” to understanding the evil cabal of child molesters and murderers who have perverted America’s political system and exerted undue control over Hollywood, the media and our corporate structure. We’re not talking about a few isolated cases. We’re talking about a systemic practice of pedophilia extending up to the kings and queens of England and the richest power brokers across America and Europe. #UnsealEpstein

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What has Jeffrey Epstein been up to lately? Purchasing another island. That’s right. One of his “shell” companies has purchased Great St. James, just across a bay from his Little St. James Island. Titus Frost brings us up to date, a focused deep dive investigation into the Epstein Island, NXIVM and PizzaGate connections. A full deep dive into Rachel Chandler and Epstein Island is in order.

Here, Martin Brodel covers the new island purchase and says Jeffrey Epstein has already run afoul of officials in the US Virgin Islands by illegal construction being done without permit.

Prepare for Big Arrests

Dustin Nemos says the trend is good. The public is becoming aware of the human trafficking that occurred during the Obama years. Do no be surprised if there’s a big arrest, say, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Nemos appears here on the X22 Spotlight.

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David Zublick says underage girls are still being procured for Jeffrey Epstein. An alleged journalist, whose last name is synonymous with a family involved in activities which harm innocent young children and teens, pens a piece trashing QAnon’s attack on Rachel Chandler. Chandler runs a seemingly legitimate Midland modeling agency and works as a fashion photographer. But she is in reality connected with Bill Clinton and is said to be currently involved in finding underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein and his Lolita Express flights.

(PS: You only need watch the first 13 minutes of this hour-plus piece. All of the news is loaded up front, followed by commercials.)

McAllisterTV continues with part two of its piece, “What Happened At That Hotel?,” exploring rumbles of scandal  at Los Angeles’ Standard Hotel involving dirty U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif.

Trump is now putting off the new health care plan. Congress is not with him and he needs to drain the swamp first. Biden is having trouble. Accusers are coming forward, but this is not his only problem. FBI refuses to hand over the emails from CNN when they conducted the raid on Roger Stone. The [DS] wants the full Mueller report. They need something on Trump and they believe it’s in the report. They are going to be very surprised when they receive the report. Mexico steps up and shuts down the caravan. Trump exposes the D’s. A Chinese woman was able to get into Mar-a-Lago, she was carrying a computer and thumbnail drive. More from the X22 Report.

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The origins of the Mueller Report are dirty and treasonous. Now that the report has been concluded, it’s time to look into how it got started, who pushed for it, and what shenanigans they had in mind. More from RedPill78.

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Pedovores on Parade

In Pursuit of the Truth gets into some heavier territory, exploring the latest posts from QAnon, many of them dealing with the pedophiles and pedovores who frequented Jeffrey Epstein’s island in the US Virgin Islands. We  open with part 2  of his March 21 posts exploring this nightmarish subject. We follow with the longer opening video that delves into the machination surrounding QAnon and when arrests might begin for the suspects he touches upon.

McAllister TV responds to the same QAnon posts on Jeffrey Epstein. She asks, “Who is Rachel Chandler?” One clue: Chandler equals Child Handler. Also, Rachel probably isn’t a Rachel, but perhaps Ray, a boy. His/her sex is all in question but she handles children for Jeffrey Epstein.

Dustin Nemos cites QAnon in arguing that Rachel Chander is 100 times bigger than Allie Mack, the Hollywood actress at the center of the NXIVM sex scandal.

Praying Medic asks “Who is Rachel Chandler?” He predicts Rachel Chandler will become a household name if the Judge in Jeffrey Epstein’s case unseals certain documents.

Destroying the Illusion says the hardcore drops need to be deciphered but he warns: Take your time. Some of these releases will be extremely difficult for the public to digest. Still, more than 500,000 individuals or bots accessed the QAnon drops, so massive public discussion is guaranteed. The rich and powerful, the famous, of course, are working overtime to have these sordid details remain secret.

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Christopher Steele hasn’t visited Russia in years. Roger Stone and other will not cooperate with Nadler’s investigation into Trump. Allegedly Stzok and Page used their personal phones to plot against the President. Facebook keeps passwords in unprotected files. IS is cleared in Syria. PM of New Zealand says all assault rifles are now ban. Q drops more bread. This is just the tip of the iceberg, this is why the [Deep State] is fighting so hard to keep Epstein’s records sealed. More from the X22 Report.

We don’t usually bring you this many responses to the same series of  QAnon posts. But these Jeffrey Epstein/Rachel Chander posts are so central, and yet so complex, that there’s an advantage in reviewing multiple interpretations, each with its own emphasis. Here’s the latest from the TB Homesteader on We the People Insider. Remember, who you gonna call? Pedo Busters!

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