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[DS]: Exposed And Imploding

The [Deep State] is in panic mode. They have nothing left to throw at Trump and they are using whatever crumbs they have left. Their system is exposed. It is imploding and they cannot stop it. Trump and the patriots have set them up and they are forcing them down a path to expose all their crimes. More from the X22 Report.

Welcome To March Madness

The [Deep State] is in panic mode. March madness has begun and it is only the beginning of the month. The public is learning the truth and the facts about J6, Pandemic and so much more.

This will all lead to the overthrow of the US government. The patriots are winning the information war. The [Deep State] will try to push this into a physical war. The patriots have the countermeasures in place. Game Over. More from the X22 Report.

Juan O. Savin: Madness Is Here!

Juan O. Savin says March Madness has shifted into full swing on Capitol Hill. He says the hard data and information from whistleblowers flooding Congressional hearings is stunning!

Savin says many of the investigations are now progressing into the federal realm, because of the people involved and the way that things occurred. Other cases will move into military probes because of act of war-type accusations.

Among the probes garnering attention is the defiance by directors at the FBI, CIA and other three-letter agencies to heed President Trump’s executive order to investigate possible fraud in the 2020 and subsequent federal elections. He breaks down details and brings more intel.

March Madness! [Indictments]

Do you have your [Brackets] filled in? March madness! Indictments unsealed! Trump vs. Obama! More from the Christian Patriot News.

March Madness Is Here!

By the end of March, the sheep will be waking up! Some vaxxed will riot and blame the un-vaxxed for their plight! There could be suicides and breakdowns.

An EBS (Emergency Broadcasting System) announcement is coming soon! Life will change forever and we will see things beyond human comprehension! Med beds and gold standard are near. Charlie Ward Intel confirmed. More from McAllister TV

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