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Hitler, Holocaust, The Holy Land

Here’s a Christmas gift to us from Sir Patrick Mack at In Pursuit of Truth. His new Pop video, Episode V Acts III and IV, is entitled Hitler, Holocaust and The Holy Land. 

Sir Patrick Mack opens with the closing days of World War II, the Allied bombing attacks over Germany.  Learn how the Allied and Communist fighting the Nazis weren’t heroes, but rapists and cold-blooded murderers, who even butchered children and zoo animals. We also see the machinations among political leaders — Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the United States, Winston Churchill of Great Britain and Josef Stalin of Russia — to divide the lands and regions formerly within the Nazi sphere.

Among the many controversial positions: Has the Holocaust against the Jews has been fabricated and blown out of proportion? Was the concentration camp at Auschwitz a sordid death camp, or was it actually quite different, and much more amendable, involving even bordellos for inmates?

This video isn’t restricted to World War II. Sir Patrick Mack also gets into the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, the establishment of Israel, and even Jewish mysticism embodied in the Talmud and Kabbalah. There are also sinister hints of deeper, darker rituals, touching upon Moloch and child sacrifice. Buckle up. This is an in-depth work — nearly two hours — but quite riveting and revealing, as all of Sir Patrick’s works always have been.


Antarctica’s Secret Land

Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s diary! The interview Byrd did immediately after Operation High Jump! Antarctica’s secret land! More advanced weapons and science being hidden from the world! Secret pockets of land! Nuremberg hoax! Nazi safe haven! Pre-WWII Americans! More from McAllister TV.


Georgia Judge Blocks Mandate

Another win in Federal court against jab mandates, this time for Fed Contractors. More from RedPillNews.

Attorney Todd Callender is fighting for a 74-year old man who is allegedly being held by Northwestern Medicine Palos Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, against his will and against the will of his family. That man’s daughter Shannon and Callender  join me to expose the anti-human nature of the blatantly evil NIH / hospital Covid protocols. Along with the deadly experimental gene therapy, the “vaccine” may well lead to Nuremberg 2.0 trials for crimes against humanity. Midway through the call our friend and nurse Nicole joins the conversation. More from the SGTReport.

Freedom Is Not Free

Claudio Grass begins his discussion with him taking a trip from Switzerland to Spain. On his travels he realized that the borders are open for cars and people were not asked for proof of vaccination. The people will begin to come together when they cannot function in everyday life because of inflation. People will look for decentralization because the globalist system does not work for the people. Freedom is not free you have to fight for it. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

New Nuremberg Trials Needed

Kyle Kemper and Amina Motala join Sarah Westall to discuss Canada and the loss of freedoms that citizens of Canada, the United State and the world are experiencing under the guise of a pandemic. We also discuss Canada’s current relations with China and the Chinese military; what this means and what the globalists and China are planning.


A Cover For Mass Arrests?

Liz Crokin offers part 4 of her series “Is the Coronavirus A Cover for Mass Arrests?” We all know there are some 150,000 federal indictments awaiting adjudication. And the largest number of those indictments are in the states of California and New York, the same states where the National Guard has been fortified to help with coronavirus needs. But what if these soldiers also will face another task: To serve these indictments that have been generated over the past three years? Crokin explores the possibilities.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube removed and censored this video so we present another one with Liz Crokin discussing the coronavirus quarantine.)

Prophet Mark Taylor, who was among the first to predict the Trump presidency, now turns his gaze upon the weeks and months ahead. He expects to see major arrests of Democratic politicians involved in corruption and other crimes, including pedophilia. There will be military tribunals set up to adjudicate these cases, tribunals that will “make Nuremberg look like a cakewalk.”

Taylor doesn’t claim that the coronavirus is fake. But it is being used as cover to make these mass arrests. And why not? The country is already going through a tough time because of the coronavirus. Why postpone the arrests and drag out the hardships and difficulties?

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: Two Naval prison/hospital relief boats have moved into place off the shores of New Jersey and California. Close to New Jersey in the Atlantic Ocean is the USNS Watkins. It’s one of the US government’s “ghost prisons.” The ship off the coastline of California in the Pacific has not been identified as of yet.)