Parkes: Frequency Medicine

Simon Parkes welcomes Kim Kindersley to discuss the launch of the Biomedis Trinity devices, the world’s first multifrequency synchronization bio-resonance device with patented technology.

Kindersley says the device is a gentle, non-invasive bio-resoance therapy. It does not treat or cure any sickness, but rather assists the body in decreasing toxins and stress loads, restoring self-regulation and letting the body to recover itself. Here’s more.

A War That’s Not A War

Simon Parkes says the Russia-Ukraine conflict was always going to be a war, but not a war in the true sense. As now reported widely on alternative media, the reality is the Ukrainian government is well aware that Russian forces are targeting biological labs connected to Wuhan and some underground communication centers.

Parkes says the resistance reported by the mainstream media is not coming from the Ukrainian military, but paid Cabal mercenaries. He says the mercenaries are shooting up apartment blocks, bringing in the Cabal to take pictures, then making it look as if the Russians did it. Parkes brings us more intel on the conflict, but promises that the war between the Cabal and the White Hats is not over.

D.C. Next For Trucker Convoy

Simon Parkes reports that the trucker convoy isn’t going away anytime soon. He says Canada’s Freedom Truckers will soon join a vanguard of American truckers awaiting them on the Canadian border en route to Washington, D.C.

On the intel front, Parkes says there’s a growing concern at the Pentagon about taking hard military action against the Deep State and more of a desire to work within the Constitution, lessening the chance of invoking the Emergency Broadcast System and other dramatic action. Here’s more intel with Parkes.

Patriots Still In Control

While all was quiet on the patriot front this past week, despite warnings by Simon Parkes in an earlier video that something major was looming, he is adamant the good guys are still in charge and on track.

Parkes previously reported that Jan. 19-21 were pivotal dates for the white hats and, if nothing came about, it was because something went seriously wrong. Standing by his sources, Parkes says nothing went awry and further reported there will be a major news drop to the public in the next few days.

Parkes admits he’s frustrated at the snail’s pace of the movement and what’s being directed at us by some patriots. Says Parkes, “I’m sick to the backteeth of military patriots telling us to grab the popcorn and enjoy the show!” He says many of his friends have died from the vaccinations and friends and family have turned away from him and his coordinators. Here’s more of his update.

In-Your-Face Changes Looming

Simon Parkes says Jan. 19-20 are two key dates in the Great Awakening and forewarns patriots to prepare for some “in-your-face” changes. He says to look for changes in policy and in leadership. “If we don’t get this in the next two weeks, something has gone seriously wrong,” he says.

Parkes says his intel tells him the Ukraine and Baltic states will be transferred to Russia without the threat of nuclear war and that the Deep State is not yet destroyed. He warns about looming false flags, which he believes the Alliance will quell. Here’s his report.

Germany’s Fourth Reich

Addressing a German audience, Simon Parkes opens a Q&A session with a stunner, revealing the origin of the Fourth Reich following World War II.

He says the history books  tell us that Germany lost World War II in terms of bullets and bombs, but he contends it didn’t lose the war in terms of secret government, which was transported to America and other countries. Meanwhile, Parkes says, America was desperate for the secrets and holdings that the Third Reich had developed and didn’t stand in the way of a small group of Germans and others forming a Fourth Reich, which didn’t want to bring Hitler back, but wanted to preserve the culture, concept and values they created.

Parkes elaborates on the formation of the Fourth Reich and its influence in today’s world and America’s gain of German secrets, including non-terrestrial technology, among other topics, in this edition of Chembuster.

All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas…Is My President Back. Billy Falcon sings a stirring anthem, presented by Simon Parkes. Falcon is a longtime musician and composer, based in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Clickbait “Truth Tellers”

We’re all for watching the dirty globalists and the proponents of a New World Order. These rich fatcats are evil and need to be outed and banished from proper society, whether they are billionaires or just manipulative wannbes. Those who have engaged in predatory practices, like raping or abusing children, should go to jail or be hung in a public square. Doesn’t matter if it’s Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates!

That said, those of us calling for increased vigilance and safeguards against the globalists need to be drawing our reports from honest and credible sites, not from phony “clickbait” websites. Here, Jordan Sather from Destroying the Illusion calls to task some big names among the “truth telling” community. He maintains these individuals, including David Zublick, Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes, are guilty of deceptive practices. We’re not going to chose sides in this divisive argument, as we have promoted Sather’s work as well as all of the scribes he targets.

But this is most certainly an area where we must maintain due diligence. If so-called “truth tellers” are actually phonies, it damages what we are seeking to accomplish.

Is Trump Back In White House?

Real News’ Mike Bara says multiple sources report that President Trump has visited the White House several times since inauguration day earlier this year.

Bara says Simon Parkes reported in his recent blog that Trump has been seen at the White House at least three times and was scheduled for a visit Wednesday. Meanwhile, fellow blogger Jennifer Fallaw-Doering says Trump has been back-and-forth to the White House on multiple occasions. “We have Jen and Simon reporting the same thing–two completely different sources,” Bara says. “And I guarantee Jen and Simon don’t know each other.”

Add to that a cryptic audio clip of citizen journalist Nancy Drew reporting unusual activity in D.C., including what appears to be a presidential motorcade on its way to the Eisenhower Building, adjacent to the White House. Strange, since President Biden is out of town.  So what’s going on? “I think it’s one of two things,” Bara says. “I think it’s Kamala Harris sneaking into the White House to take over, or it could be President Trump–The Return of the King.”

Here’s more with Bara and fellow blogger Blake Walley, who also discuss Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s take on government overreach and Colin Kaepernick’s charge that NFL training camps are akin to slavery.

Space Force Zapped Facebook!

Sarge from Icons returns to McAllister TV with many timely military updates. Space Force took down Facebook and other media! These were military exercises, except you must bear in mind: Exercises are not always “exercises.” They can be quite real and have genuine consequences.

This was Space Force’s biggest worldwide operation ever. More on Starlink, which cirstenw discussed yesterday.

What happened to Facebook? We’ll be looking at the Facebook outage after a whistleblower complains that the social media platform is toxic and doesn’t do enough censorship. Also: Kirsten Sinema’s bathroom trip goes viral because she won’t give amnesty to illegals, and the Biden administration’s reaction. More from Lori Colley.

Simon Parkes confirms: White Hats orchestrated the takedown of Facebook and the other major social media platforms. This was a warning shot to remind these platforms of the need to protect and preserve free speech. If Zuckerberg and the social media clowns continue down the road toward more absolute censorship, they will see more severe followup measures taken against them.